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You can buy stylish, bright wood accessories in the Popnes.com online store at affordable prices.

Today, products made of natural wood are becoming more and more popular, which will not harm our health, but will benefit.

Wooden accessories are never superfluous. By visiting the pages of Popnes.com, you will surely find something as a gift for your friends or relatives.

Benefits of wooden accessories

  • Environmental friendliness of the material. On a subconscious level, a person enjoys using objects made of natural wood, because they evoke pleasant associations with naturalness, naturalness, and ancestral traditions.
  • Strength. Glass accessories have to be renewed very often, as they break, crack, chip. But no blows are terrible to wooden accessories, they retain their integrity and beauty for many years.
  • Versatility. These accessories easily fit into the concept of popular styles, serving as a harmonious component.
  • Healing properties. Even after long-term use, products of this kind emit useful essential oils that have a beneficial effect on human health.

Subtleties of care

Do you want your wooden accessories purchased from us to last longer? Learn to look after them and choose the right way!

  • Give preference to models made of solid pieces of wood, they are positioned more reliable and sturdy.
  • Never soak wood accessories so that they do not absorb excess moisture. You just need to wash them with a sponge and detergent and rinse thoroughly.
  • Store them on open shelves with free air access.
  • Products that have darkened from time to time can be wiped with hydrogen peroxide, and then held under running water.

Wooden cooking utensils are considered a practical purchase. This is a mortar with a pestle, which is convenient for female hands, as well as spatulas of various shapes and sizes that are suitable for any type of tableware, including luxury items with a delicate and expensive inner coating.

After making sure of the advantages of wooden utensils, buy in the Popnes.com online store, where you will surely find interesting options for yourself.